Stability/Degradation Trials


ScienTEST provides monitored stability chambers to conduct stability and accelerated degradation trials. Once samples are submitted, they are logged into our sample management system where due dates are automatically generated based on the time points entered. From there the system alerts us at each time point that the sample is due to be tested. Once the sample has been removed from storage, our trained and experienced analysts conduct the necessary testing, and results can be easily compared to previous time points to ensure results are in trend. Our report format allows you to easily see the product’s stability over time for each individual active, allowing you to get an accurate representation of how the product is behaving overall at any point during the stability study. This stability summary report format also allows for you to quickly and accurately plot the data according to your own internal requirements.

We have large capacity for the following popular stability conditions:

25C / 60%RH

30C / 65%RH

40C / 75%RH
Other conditions are possible.

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